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Say Yes Student Spotlight: Azian Goodrich

"Say Yes means opportunity. Say Yes means impact. Say Yes means change. Say Yes represents a commitment to equity and opportunity in education."

Where did you go to high school, and when did you graduate?
I graduated from the P-TECH program @ ITC in the class of 2020.

What college are you going to & what is your major(s)/minor(s)?
I am a rising senior Business Management Major @ Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

What do you like most about college?
College is an experience that allows you to grow as you take a deeper dive into your career ventures. College has also allowed me to create friendships, connections and bonds that have positively impacted my life.

What are your goals after college (career, future plans, etc.)?
My goal is to have the nation’s largest youth development leadership firm. I have my own business called The FAM, which stands for “The Future Always Matters.” It focuses its vision on the upcoming youth in our society today. Building leaders and supporting each other through all adversities, challenges and trials we face is very important. Everyone has a purpose and the main goal is to help work together to find that purpose! I want to give back to my community and create opportunities, because I believe everyone deserves a chance to chase their dreams and reach their goals and aspirations.

How did you learn about Say Yes to Education Syracuse?
I have been a part of the SCSD since 4th grade, where I attended Meachem Elementary. The Say Yes afterschool program allowed me to interact with classmates and friends and indulge in activities throughout elementary and middle school that persuaded me to become a better communicator, scholar and learner.

What does Say Yes mean to you?
Say Yes means opportunity. Say Yes means impact. Say Yes means change. Say Yes represents a commitment to equity and opportunity in education. By investing in the education of young people, the initiative is helping to create a more just and prosperous society. It is a recognition that every student, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves a chance to achieve their full potential.

What advice would you give high school students who are considering seeking a college degree through Say Yes?
Firstly, Say Yes offers a variety of options to support your success, such as academic support, counseling, and mentoring. Secondly, be proactive in your college search and application process. Make sure you research potential colleges thoroughly and reach out to their admissions offices for guidance. The people at Say Yes are there to help you find the right destination for your college choices. Finally, stay focused and motivated. Although earning a college degree can be difficult, keep in mind that you have the talent, potential and ambition to succeed. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goals and build a brighter future for yourself.

Anything else you want to add? (Fun facts, etc.)

  • Understand you are capable of anything you put your mind to. The only person who can stop you from being great is YOU!
  • Do things out of your comfort zone, being uncomfortable creates growth for comfortability.