Commemorating 10 years

Congratulations to all Syracuse City School District Graduating Seniors! Don't forget to let us know which college your going to! Click apply now!

Syracuse top scholar’s dad gave up his dream so his son could have a better life

Kazi Rafee’s father and mother gave up being doctors in their home country of Bangladesh to give their son a "better opportunity" in the U.S

Lunch leftovers

How “sharing tables” help Syracuse City schools reduce food waste


When combined with the comprehensive and integrated support services offered by the Say Yes Syracuse partnership, the “last dollar” tuition scholarships offered through the nonprofit organization to public and private colleges and universities are intended to have a positive impact on the lives of the community’s next generation.

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In taking the measure of the geographic sweep of the Say Yes Higher Education Compact, Say Yes partnered with Southwest Airlines. Southwest makes available a limited number of vouchers covering the full cost of a round-trip airline ticket that Say Yes Scholars, and an accompanying adult, to visit the campuses of its member institutions.


Our cross governance and strategic partnerships continue to positively impact Syracuse City School District students.


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