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Say Yes Student Spotlight Martine Dosa

Where did you go to high school, and when did you graduate?

I attended Nottingham High School and graduated with the class of 2022.

What college are you going to & what is your major(s)/minor(s)?

I am a first year student at Yale University in Connecticut. I do not need to declare a major until the end of my sophomore year, so I am still exploring academic programs. Right now, I am considering an American Studies major and Education Studies certificate! I may try some data science classes too.

What do you like most about college?

It’s cliche, but I think the people make college so worthwhile. I am studying and living with students from all walks of life, from all around the world. We have so much to learn from each other.

What are your goals after college (career, future plans, etc.)?

I am also still exploring that! I think that I would like to work somewhere in the public policy field. For example, I am part of an education policy group at Yale that is working with the New Haven Federation of Teachers to research solutions for increasing teacher retention at local schools. This has been a very fulfilling project. Policy research really fascinates me, but I want to be intentional about finding a balance in the career where I am making a genuine impact, especially in classrooms.

How did you learn about Say Yes to Education Syracuse?

I’ve known about Say Yes for most of my life! I remember when there was a tutoring program affiliated with Say Yes at my elementary school, Ed Smith. My sisters were also in high school around the time when the scholarship first launched. In my senior year I worked with my fantastic school counselor, Tracy Daige, and Dana from Say Yes to fill out the application and become a Say Yes scholar myself.

What does Say Yes mean to you?
Say Yes means imagination. By assuring affordable higher education, Say Yes provides the opportunity for my peers and me to really imagine big futures for ourselves, with many options for different career and life paths. Historically, Syracuse is a district and city that has been under-invested in. Say Yes is reversing these histories by investing in our futures and in the future of Syracuse.

What advice would you give high school students who are considering seeking a college degree through Say Yes?

Absolutely pursue this opportunity with Say Yes! So many of our peers across the country don’t have a scholarship like Say Yes–it’s truly something special. My biggest advice in general to SCSD students is to be your own best advocate. The program is a strong pillar for education in our community, and something that everyone should take advantage of.