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Say Yes Success: Addie & Quinn Boyle

Sisters Addie and Quinn Boyle, Corcoran High School alumnae, both attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City to carry out their careers in fashion.

Sisters Addie and Quinn Boyle, Corcoran High School alumnae, both attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City to carry out their successful careers in fashion.

Addie, involved in cheerleading and softball at Corcoran High School, noted her first experiences with Say Yes Syracuse were in the lunchroom. She remembers it being promoted all four years at school, especially her senior year.

“Say Yes helped me tremendously,” said Addie. “Going to school in New York City is very expensive, and it was extremely helpful to achieve my dreams with the help of Say Yes covering my tuition. It helped reduce my loans and helped me move from Syracuse to New York City.”

After high school graduation, Addie started at FIT, majoring in textile development and marketing with a minor in ethics and sustainability. In addition, she was a student tour guide all four years on campus.

In Addie’s senior year of college, she got a production internship with a fabric company that supplied fabrics to large brands like LoveShackFancy, Ralph Lauren, and more. She notes that she got this internship later in college than her peers, who had been interning since sophomore/junior year. She comments: “My curriculum was tough, and I had my job as a tour guide, so I didn’t have much time to get an internship prior to my senior year, but I am very thankful for that internship opportunity.”

After college graduation, and with long-term plans to stay in fashion production, Addie is now a production assistant for G-III apparel working for Calvin Klein and DKNY women’s suiting.

Addie notes, “Follow your dreams and don’t worry too much about what other people think. As long as you’re happy, chasing your dreams, and living a sustainable life (environmentally and emotionally), then you’re killing it.”

She continued to express that it’s OK not to know what you want to do and that the pressure can take the joy out of college. She said she learned that she loved working in production in her junior year in college, so it’s normal not to know. “Don’t hold yourself back – get out of your comfort zone and try new things,” she said.

“Life is worth living, so go live it. Take advantage of Say Yes and get a good education because that will take you places,” said Addie. “Don’t put off things that are hard because it’s hard or you don’t want to do it, just tackle it immediately, and you will realize with a little push you are unstoppable.”

Quinn, involved in soccer, softball, and track at Corcoran High School, remembers learning about Say Yes t Syracuse while in her K-8 years at Roberts Elementary School.

“Say Yes covered my entire tuition costs, so I only had to take out loans for room and board,” said Quinn. “Those loans were significantly smaller than they could’ve been had I not had financial assistance from Say Yes.”

After high school graduation, Quinn started at the FIT, receiving an associate’s degree in fashion business management with a minor in economics and a bachelor’s degree in international trade and marketing for the fashion industries with a minor in sustainability and ethics. In addition, she was in the National Retail Federation Student Association and worked as a student tour guide on campus.

Starting strong in high school, Quinn worked as a Lord & Taylor sales associate. She volunteered for various New York Fashion Week shows through FIT during college. She had an internship at Hello Products, which began through a friend at FIT who also was from Syracuse and happened to be the daughter of her middle school English teacher (“Hi ALU & Mrs. Luton!” says Quinn). There she assisted in marketing and logistics teams and was able to partake in their college ambassador program. She coordinated an on-campus event with lots of free samples and engaging activities.

After college graduation, she worked at Ross as a Merchant Support Coordinator for three years, managing a team of Administrators for the Accessories and Bedding divisions. She managed the purchase orders and markdown execution for about ten buyers.

With plans to stay in the fashion industry, Quinn now works as an Assistant Buyer at Giorgio Armani in NYC.

She attends concerts with friends, thrifts, and has brunch in Brooklyn in her free time. She also notes a bunny cohabitating in her apartment space, who, while adorable, is trouble! Quinn says the bunny “has ruined her chances of getting my apartment security deposit back.”

Quinn comments that not knowing what to do after high school is okay and encourages students to try new things until they find something they’re passionate about.

“Always ask for help. If you’re struggling with school or mental health, people want to help,” Quinn said. “You will be surprised to find out just how many people are silently rooting for you.”

The Boyles are an icon for students engaging in the fashion industry with Say Yes Syracuse’s support.