David M. Knott

CEO of Knott Partners Management, LLC

David Knott is the CEO of Knott Partners Management, LLC, which manages a group of hedge funds that he founded in 1987. Mr. Knott serves as a director of Paramount Resources of Calgary, Alberta. He is a Board member, treasurer, and chairman of the investment committee of Boy’s and Girl’s Harbor of Harlem and East Hampton. Mr. Knott also serves on the Board of the National D-day Museum in New Orleans. Mr. Knott is a member of the University Committee for Undergraduate Financial Aid at the University of Pennsylvania from which he holds a BA and MBA.

Our Team

George A. Weiss is the chairman of Say Yes To Education, Inc., a national non-profit foundation committed to opening access to post-secondary education for high poverty youth.

Neil Goldberg is President/CEO Raymour & Flanigan Furniture & Holdings. He graduated from Syracuse University School of Management in 1975 with a B.S. in Accounting.

Jane Toll worked for many years as a teacher and then as a custom home builder. She funded, ran and lived a program to support 60 inner city kids from third grade through college.

Sol H. Pelavin was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institutes for Research.

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Ahmeed Turner, Executive Director

Dana Lyons-Canty, Officer, Scholarship and Student Support