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College is the ideal time to gain the knowledge and experience needed to prepare you for a new career.

Check out this amazing story by localsyr.com about the first-ever Say Yes graduate, Paola Benevento.

From AmeriCorps member to trial preparation assistant, Guillen is ultimately motivated by her ability to help others, leading her to a successful position in New York City today.

“A lot of my creativity came from not coming from a lot of money and resources and learning to use what I had.”

In order to ensure fairness among all students and colleges in the Say Yes Compact, Say Yes Syracuse will be implementing hard deadlines for financial aid and Say Yes applications…

Say Yes Syracuse Partners Announce $20 Million Grant to Scholarship Fund

Representatives from the Say Yes Syracuse community partnership have announced a $20 million grant from a New York State economic development initiative that will enable the partners to fully fund the Say Yes Syracuse Scholarship endowment.

When combined with $10 million already raised by the community partnership from private and public donations, for a total of $30 million, the fund is intended to send every qualifying graduate of the Syracuse City Schools to an in-state public college or university, tuition-free, in perpetuity. Syracuse becomes the first of Say Yes’ community-wide chapters to reach that milestone.

Read about the announcement from Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney here

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