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Say Yes Story – Kae’chauna Sinclair

Kae’chauna Sinclair, advocate for therapy and Say Yes alum, aims to “serve as an inspiration and a model for everyone.”

A 2015 graduate from Nottingham, Kae’chauna was a part of the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection program, dedicated to reversing the trend of low high-school graduation rates and helping students realize their potential in their communities and life. Through the  that program, she was introduced to the tuition support available through Say Yes to Education.

Kae’chauna committed to SUNY Plattsburgh, majoring in criminal justice with a minor in sociology on a Say Yes Syracuse scholarship, giving her a sense of security about her finances as she navigates higher education.

A member of a multicultural sorority, Kae’chauna was a hard-working student dedicated to advocating for diversity and inclusion through internships and teaching assistantships.

Kae’chauna recalls being impulsive as a teenager; she notes that having to learn to regulate her responses in the college atmosphere was one of her biggest challenges because she constantly pushed herself harder and harder. Overcoming and organizing was her biggest obstacle. “When you have goals, and you don’t meet them, you’re disappointed; when you have things that are small stepping stones, small accomplishments are the biggest things for you,” she said.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2018, Kae’chauna took a year and a half between bachelor’s and master’s programs, to work at the Salvation Army as a shift supervisor in a shelter for women with mental health and substance abuse disorders. Kae’chauna later pursued a master’s degree in clinical psychology with a specialization in forensic psychology at Capella University, graduating in 2021. She wound up moving to Georgia in March 2022 for a change of pace.

Kae’chauna now works for Healing Grounds Therapy & Wellness Center as a versed therapeutic life coach specializing in individual, family, and group therapy for young children, adolescents, and adults. She has expertise in play therapy for children, CBT, DBT, humanistic therapy, strength-based therapy, and trauma-based therapy.

“Be a symbol for people from the same communities as you,” Kae’chauna notes. Her goal is to open up a private practice of her own, offering hypnotherapy and sex therapy, along with all the other current therapeutic modalities people living in low income communities often don’t have access to.

“Pursue your interest and your dreams; the stars are not the limit, the sky is not the limit… you set your own limit,” she notes. “Engage in things that might not be in your comfort zone. Stepping out of the box you were placed in; you find out who you truly are.”

Serving as a Say Yes mentor twice, Kae’chauna ends with the advice to maintain connections. “Give back once you’ve received the help you’ve gotten,” she says.