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Please Note:

  • Students graduating from a Syracuse city school district or Syracuse charter high school are eligible for Say Yes Syracuse tuition scholarships if they meet the eligibility criteria listed on the Eligibility Page. Please view the eligibility criteria by clicking here.
  • Once an application is summitted, Say Yes Syracuse staff will then determine each student’s Say Yes Syracuse Tuition Scholarship based on the last dollar funding model and ensure that the student is processed in time for the fall semester. Scholarship disbursements (payments) are made after the start of fall and spring semesters and are paid directly to the college.
  • All eligible students who decide not to go to college right after graduation remain eligible for a Say Yes Syracuse Tuition Scholarship for one academic year after their high school graduation. Therefore, if a student graduated in June 2023, the student would still be eligible if they enrolled in a Say Yes Syracuse partner college or university by September 2024.

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